Buddy4Study Mobile App: The Best Scholarship Finder

Ever since Android was launched ten years ago, it has seen a constant growth. The pace with which this technology has matured is remarkable, to say the least. Its success is evident from the fact that most of the major businesses and enterprises are now venturing into it. A majority of the services are now accessible on Android platform in the form of mobile apps. These apps encircle education, healthcare, food, transport, entertainment and all sorts of industries. On the similar lines, Buddy4Study, India’s largest scholarship network, has also expanded its outreach through its mobile app. The all-new Buddy4Study mobile app is the best scholarship finder on Google Play right now.

The Buddy4Study mobile app is a free-to-download application available for Android. The app itself is small in size and works on Android KitKat (Version 4.4) and above. Buddy4Study has helped more than 45000 students to get scholarships worth more than INR 50 crores. The same benefits are now available on the mobile app too, just with a little more convenience.



Some of the major features of this scholarship finder app are:

  • The app offers the same extensive database of Buddy4Study website which has more than 3500 scholarships.
  • Different categories of scholarships like means-based, merit-based, talent-based etc. can be easily found on the app.
  • You can easily mark any particular scholarship as your favourite and save it for easy future viewing.
  • The application status of scholarships can be easily tracked on the app.
  • It also provides customised scholarship notifications.
  • The app provides alerts for scholarships which are closing soon.
  • Latest scholarship news can be easily found on the app.
  • A host of interesting educational blogs can be found on the app.
  • The app offers an interactive and simplified UI for an overall smooth user experience.

Looking at these features, it isn’t hard to see why the Buddy4Study mobile app is the best scholarship finder app.


What Scholarships are Available

There are lakhs of understudies in India who don’t have any sort of access to PCs or PCs. Their absence of mechanical touch results in them being for the most part uninformed about the on-goings of the instructive area. Buddy4Study, India’s biggest scholarship stage, has thought of another approach to handle this issue.

Since mobiles nowadays have turned into a basic piece of everybody’s life, a large portion of the understudies convey mobiles with them or if nothing else approach them absent much trouble. So Buddy4Study has discovered a path through mobiles to associate with understudies and furnish them help with winning scholarships with as less problem as could reasonably be expected.

Each of the an understudy needs to do is download the new versatile application named Scholarship for Indian understudies – Buddy4Study on his/her portable totally free of cost and he/she is prepared to peruse and select the coordinated scholarships inside couple of moments.


The Buddy4Study portable application gloats of a few cool highlights like:

Seeking scholarships according to the understudy’s needs

Sparing the understudy’s most loved scholarships

Following scholarship application status

Discovering scholarships that match the understudy’s profile

Getting cautions on scholarships that are shutting soon

Staying refreshed on the most recent scholarships news

Access to educational tips and sites on scholarships

This application gives customized cautions to scholarships that an understudy stands an opportunity to win. They get the opportunity to see the rundown of included, slanting and as of late saw scholarships. Additionally, understudies get end-to-end application bolster while applying for a scholarship.

The new application additionally makes it simpler for understudies to apply for online scholarships without experiencing the inconvenience of opening a PC framework or PC. All the coordinated online scholarships are only a finger contact away.

Since every one of the scholarships can be arranged based on justify, implies, instructive level, ability, national, global, government and non-government, it winds up less demanding for understudies to pick according to their necessities.

The application isn’t just constrained to scholarships. Understudies additionally get a simple access to a huge gathering of websites which handle every one of the points identified with instruction framework and running or recently propelled scholarship plans of India. The blog subjects extend from top national scholarship plans to simple tips on the most proficient method to apply for scholarships. You can likewise see the rundown of the considerable number of champs who have been profited from scholarships taken care of by Buddy4Study and additionally their tributes.

Along these lines, don’t pause on the off chance that you are not kidding about your training and need your instruction to be moderate, download now the Scholarship for Indian understudies – Buddy4Study by tapping on this connection

Pre Matric Scholarship for Engineering Students

There’s most likely that instruction nowadays has turned into an expensive illicit relationship. Over that in the event that you need to seek after any expert course like building, restorative, pharma, administration, mold plan and law, the high educational cost expense turns into the significant obstacle. Going for advance offices is likewise not a practical alternative for a large portion of us as the loan fee charged by the banks appears to be very high.

While applying for an expert course myself, I confronted comparative circumstances. On account of the administration scholarships which spared me from the weight of instructive advance and its overwhelming loan cost. It helped me reduce my parent’s money related weight without bargaining with the nature of my advanced education.

With interest to find out about scholarships, I started look for more scholarships which conveyed me to this brilliant stage, Buddy4Study, where I ran over various scholarships that broke my misguided judgment that exclusive a bunch of scholarships are accessible to address the issues of lakhs of Indian understudies. There were an extensive number of scholarships recorded on Buddy4Study, from national, state and provincial scholarships to global scholarships.

Taking a gander at the pool of scholarships recorded on this stage, I understood that few associations and in addition our administration dispense different private and government scholarships every once in a while to encourage denied and commendable understudies. Truth be told, you will discover different particular scholarships to meet particular criteria and prerequisites of understudies. For instance, there are scholarships for designing understudies, medicinal understudies, school understudies, in an unexpected way abled, fiscally denied, minority understudies and a few others.


I have recorded underneath a portion of those scholarships that could be helpful for a few different understudies.
National Overseas Scholarship for Minority Community Students, Karnataka

This is a government scholarship which is offered by the state of Karnataka for graduates, postgraduates and PhD holders. Students belonging to minority community can apply for this government scholarship if they wish to pursue higher education from abroad.
L’Oréal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship

This scholarship is for financially deprived young girls. Those who have passed class 12 in PCM or PCB with at least 85% marks are eligible to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship offers INR 2,50,000 to selected students for the duration of their graduation.

NBHM Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies in Mathematics

This government scholarship is for graduates or postgraduates for pursuing studies that will lead to a master’s degree in Mathematics.
Combined Counselling Board Scholarship (CCB)

This CCB scholarship is for class 10, 12 and graduation students. Selected students will receive up to 70% scholarship (up to INR 60,000 – INR 70,000). Apart from this, the state government will also award scholarship up to INR 1 Lac.

UGAM – Legrand Scholarship Program

This scholarship for engineering students is for class 12 passed girls only. The scholarship grants INR 60,000 per annum to study B.Tech, B.E and B.Arch at a recognised college or university in India.

Pre-Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities

This pre-matric minority scholarship is for those students who belong to minority communities (Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Zoroastrian) and study in class 1 to 10. The benefits under this pre-matric minority scholarship are admission fee, tuition fee and maintenance allowance for 10 months.

I hope this handy information helps you in your educational endeavours and you saved from the path of compromise in terms of quality education. I would also like to encourage you to pass the information regarding scholarships to other students who need some support to pursue their study.


Latest Scholarships Coming to Your Mobile phone

Fixing troubles to student’s end:

The most common problem which the needful students are facing is to find an apt online scholarship. To help these students, a great initiative has been taken by Buddy4Study by bringing a mobile app for scholarships which will match student’s profile with the scholarship scheme which he/she deserves. Most of the scholarship amount goes unclaimed every year just because of the unawareness of the students or their guardians. This became a major concern for Buddy4Study and to fix this gap, it has recently launched its latest scholarship mobile app.

Bringing resources closer to potential:

The strong database of Buddy4Study keeps rotating a number of scholarships throughout the year and sends alerts to those students who are registered on it. Based on the details entered by the student, this app sends you the latest updates of the newly launched scholarship. The students can learn a lot about scholarship essay, eligibility and requirements of various scholarships. The accessibility to free scholarship searches has changed the entire scenario for students by which they receive quick information of the latest scholarships and regular updates matching their profiles. The best part is scholarships for women has now become accessible on their fingertips now. The strong database of Buddy4Study provides immense opportunities to scholars whether they are girls or boys, whether they are looking for school level scholarships or PhD. Scholarships, scholarships for every individual are available depending on the need and eligibility.



A leading edge towards bright future

The latest scholarship mobile app launched by Buddy4Study offers a great compatibility as the search engine generates only relevant scholarships which match to the student’s profile and offers an opportunity to become a national scholar. Until now most of the scholarships went unnoticed and on the other hand the deserving students had to strive a lot for financial resources. With this app, a great effort has been made to meet these challenges and bring the resources to the needful. A good and relevant scholarship scheme completely transforms the life of a student forever and proves to be the most crucial resource. Making scholarship check, a free and convenient step, this mobile app will definitely bring a revolutionary change in the scholarship world.

A straightforward approach

The mobile app can easily be downloaded and installed and that too without any cost. Just go on Google Play store, search for Buddy4Study mobile app and click on the install button, within few minutes, your mobile will become a home to thousands of scholarships. You can also visit http://bit.ly/2xiCI2e to directly install the app on your mobile. Apart from this Buddy4Study is constantly working harder and harder to accumulate as many online scholarships as possible and make students more comfortable and capable to pursue their desired course and give wings to their dreams.

Do you know your phone has scholarships in store for you?

Many spend hours online in search of scholarships whether be it government scholarship, national scholarship or private. But eventually, end up in finding missed deadlines and irrelevant scholarships. We all have gone through that phase where we felt that finding a suitable online scholarship is just like finding a needle in a Haystack. But now, all these things are days of past, Buddy4Study has launched its mobile application to revolutionize the education for everyone in India. From school scholarship to phd scholarships, scholarships for women to scholarships for girls, OBC scholarship to all India scholarship, it helps you find all the options that you need to fulfil your education dreams.


Considered to be one of the best online scholarship app already, it is convenient to use for every age group student. The app is designed in such a way that it itself suggests suitable scholarships for you the moment you complete the registration. All you need is to go to the scholarship page, check details and start your scholarship application from the app itself. Surprising, isn’t it? But these aren’t the only features you get in this app. There are many other features and options it offers which had led users to rate it among the best scholarships app on play store. The Buddy4Study app is also a hub for some of the exclusive scholarships for Indian students, which you will never find anywhere. When it comes to saving time, the app is designed after taking feedbacks from many students with most effective search filters so that you never waste a single minute of your valuable time.

Let’s show you by an example, how easy it is to use the Buddy4Study mobile application. Download the app with the help of this link http://bit.ly/2xiCI2e and complete the registration process. Now press the ‘Find my matching scholarships’ button and you will get the details of all national and international scholarships that match with your profile. You can also apply the filter using the yellow button on the bottom of the app page to further filter the scholarship on the basis of Class, Religion, Country and gender.


If you are searching a scholarship for your loved one, no issues either. Just do a scholarship search on search bar by using, let’s say ‘medical scholarships’. In a blink of the eye, you will get the details of all the relevant medical scholarships from all around the world. This will not only help in saving your time but also give an opportunity to ahead of your peers.

Top 5 Minority Scholarships for students in India

The Indian Union has constantly paid watchful regard to the requirements of socially impeded gatherings. One of India’s key responsibilities in its constitution is to the idea of secularism. The term ‘common’ suggests that India doesn’t have a state religion and all religions are equivalent under the watchful eye of law. The constitution cherishes the idea through different rights allowed to minorities in India. Likewise, through different plans by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, and the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, numerous worries of the minorities like well being and instruction are tended to.

Minority Scholarships are additionally part of such plans and measures by the legislature of India towards minority gatherings. Through minorities grants, the point is to lessen the quantity of dropouts due to non-accessibility of assets to seek after instruction. There are numerous minority grants in India, yet the troublesome part stays attempting to discover a minority grant attributable to a restricted access to data about them. Minority understudies think that its hard to accumulate all the required data and this prompts them passing up something or the other while filling the application shape.

There are numerous astounding sites set up by the administration which convey helpful data like the site for the Ministry of Minority Affairs (MoMA), or the MHRD. The National Scholarship Portal (NSP) is another brilliant asset. The National Scholarship Portal conveys data about all the administration grants in India. In any case, regularly enough, the data that these destinations convey isn’t anything but difficult to unravel for understudies. Particularly for understudies or their folks who originate from informed minority networks, there are various difficulties to their entrance to grants.

Buddy4Study is an incredible grant entry that highlights a straightforward and straightforward stage for understudies from all foundations. Once an understudy enrolls on the site, they should simply fill their points of interest to finish their profile, and voila, the framework looks through a huge number of accessible grants to locate the individualized matches.

You can likewise utilize the web search tool highlight to look as indicated by a watchword. The following are the main 5 open grants for minorities on Buddy4Study:

National Overseas Scholarship for Minority Community Students, Karnataka

This minority grant is intended for understudies from the minority network who have their residence in Karnataka. Offered by the Directorate of Minorities under the Government of Karnataka, this grant gives money related help to the tune of INR 20 Lakhs to chose possibility for their investigations abroad.

Maulana Azad National Scholarship Scheme for Girls having a place with Minorities

This minority grant is solely for young ladies and has been set up by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. The grant furnishes educational cost expense help alongside different advantages to young lady understudies from the minority network who can’t bolster their training because of budgetary issues.

Swami Vivekanand Stipend Scheme for Technical and Professional Courses (Minority), Gujarat

This minority grant is intended for understudies from the minority networks in Gujarat to seek after their advanced education in specialized or proficient courses. This grant goes for the social welfare of the minority network and urges them to get employable abilities through expert confirmations.

Legitimacy Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority Students, Delhi

Propelled by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Government, this grant is intended for understudies at Delhi government schools. Understudies from SC/ST/OBC/Minority bunches get grant help up to INR 4500 for every annul towards their examinations, under this plan.

Money related Assistance to Educationally Backward Minority Students, Delhi

Another activity of the Directorate of Education, Government of NCT of Delhi, the target of this minority grant is to advance instruction among instructively in reverse minorities in Delhi. The plan is implied solely for Muslims and Neo-Buddhists from a fiscally underprivileged foundation.

How to apply for Scholarships from your mobile

The one question plaguing every student is how to apply for scholarships. Meanwhile, an app from India is quietly teaching students how to apply for scholarships from their own smartphone! This mobile app is called Buddy4Study and it is the product of a start-up based in Delhi, India.

Buddy4Study has been a website for the past six year, connecting scholarship seekers to scholarship providers. Through its advanced algorithm, it matches the personal and academic details of students registered on their portal with matching scholarship opportunities by scanning through the eligibility requirements of hundreds of scholarships. After helping around 50,000 students to get scholarship funds upwards of INR 50 crore, Buddy4Study recently launched a mobile app to connect to a new generation of scholarship seekers.


Buddy4Study’s mobile app is now available to download from the Google Play Store for all android devices. The neat and simple interface of the app, and its uncomplicated design, lets students easily search for scholarship information for hundreds and thousands of opportunities from India and abroad. Information on all scholarships announced by the state, centre, private organizations, educational institutions, corporations, NGOs, high net worth individuals, or foreign embassies, is collated and aggregated on the site. Students can directly search for the scholarship by name or keyword, browse the available categories for the relevant scholarship, or even be matched to eligible scholarships by logging in and creating their profile. For many scholarships that Buddy4Study manages itself, students can apply directly from the app. They can also choose to become a premium member and receive notification alerts for upcoming deadlines and dedicated support for scholarship application.


CBSE Scholarship for Girl Child

Times are rapidly changing and no longer is there much disparity between a girl and a boy child. The government has played its part in bringing this change through various policies and schemes. These schemes are mostly focused on girl education as education has proved to be crucial in bringing this transformation. Each year, the government launches a number of scholarships for the same purpose. Here we will discuss, a CBSE scholarship specifically aimed at promoting girl education.

The CBSE Merit Scholarship for Single Girl Child is provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education for meritorious single girl students. It must be kept in mind that this scholarship is only for girls who are the only child of their parents. The scholarship program encourages meritorious students and promotes girl education.

Eligibility for the scholarship

  • The applicant should have passed the CBSE class 10 examination with at least 60% marks or equivalent grade.
  • The applicant should be a single girl child.
  • The applicant must be an Indian national only.
  • The applicant should be continuing further school education of class 11 and 12 from a CBSE affiliated school.
  • The applicant’s tuition fee should not be more than INR 1500 per month during the academic year.

Duration of scholarship

This CBSE scholarship is available for a duration of 2 years with a mandatory renewal after the completion of the first year. If a girl student fulfills the designated criteria on the completion of class 11, she would be eligible for the renewal of scholarship for another year.

Benefits of scholarship

An amount of INR 500 per month will be awarded to the students selected for this CBSE scholarship. This will be for a duration of maximum 2 years.

Application procedure

A student can apply for this scholarship by filling the online application form.

  • The applicant first needs to enter all the particulars in the online form.
  • Note down the registration number as it will be required later.
  • Then print the undertaking, get it attested from school.
  • Prepare the affidavit as per the given format.
  • Now upload these two documents on the website and confirm.

Relevant links and addresses for this scholarship can be found on the Buddy4Study website here.

Selection procedure

The students will be selected for the scholarship after verifying the eligibility criteria. The applicants must fulfill the minimum requirements for marks, income and other criteria.

More details about this scholarship as well as other such scholarships can now be easily found on the Buddy4Study mobile app. The app offers the same features but with even more convenience. It is available for free download from Google Play.